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 What are the CLISPI webpages?

These webpages were originally developed as a part of the EUROCRAN project. The webpages are an interactive tool designed for learning about cleft speech. There are suggestions on how to collect a good speech sample and more practically there are speech samples in different languages for you to develop your listening skills. It is therefore a listening exercise as well as a means of promoting good practice. The speech samples are not intended to be examples of good treatment outcomes.

Where possible, information provided is referenced. The website is not exhaustive and suggests links to other sites that may be helpful. The first version of the webpages was developed within the Eurocran project.

Who should use these webpages?

These webpages have been designed for use by Speech and Language Pathologists/Therapists working within cleft teams as well as clinicians with an interest in cleft related speech problems. They may also be of benefit to students.

Restricted word list for standard set

Word lists for use in the restricted word tests (for included languages) are available for download here.

How do I use these webpages?

To use the webpages to see a few examples of good practice and carry out the listening exercises you will first need to download the plug-ins so that you can watch the video clips. To navigate around these webpages you may find the 'breadcrumb' navigation across the top of each page useful. This will help you to see where you are and provides quick links back to pages you have already visited.

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