Examples and Exercises

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To use the webpages for each country please follow these instructions:

  1. Open the IPA tools for transcription (below)
  2. Read "Suggestions for how to listen" (below)
  3. Click on the language you want to listen to (Danish, Norweigan, Polish, Swedish, English, Finnish or Portuguese)
  4. Select age
  5. Select speech sample
  6. Open blank proforma (if available). NB! If you want to save the transcriptions, save the blank proforma on your desktop before you start using it.
  7. Listen / watch and fill in blank proforma using copy-past from the the "Cleft picker" 
  8. Compare with suggested answers
  9. For assessment of resonance (hyper- and hyponasality) click on the icon below the video clip (if available)

Print out the IPA and ExtIPA charts (further IPA resources can be viewed on the IPA webite):